It was a hot day in the fall of 1990, Dead Moon did their first european tour, it was, I guess, one of their first shows. They played in my club, Doornroosje, where i work.

Never heard of them before, after three songs I fell in love.
From that moment I needed a shot of Dead Moon. After the show I met the band, especially Andrew, from that day we have a friendship till now and forever.
Also with Toody and Fred I have a very good relationship, spend many many hours with Dead Moon on many places, played with my band as support, did even play on Fred's guitar the song "Shot Of Dead Moon".

I saw 69 Dead Moon shows
Dead Moon is not gone
Dead Moon is forever

Jozzy Rubenski

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download the song "Shot Of Dead Moon" of The Bips for free, click here (right click and save as)
recorded june 2004 + vocals of Andrew, Toody and Fred , taken from the vinyl LP "If life was like" from The Bips